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Author: Subject: Smurfeez Journal

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[*] posted on 8-5-2009 at 09:16 PM
Smurfeez Journal

Smurfeez Journal

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Condition: Pectus Excavatum
Development: Early teens
Surgery: Nuss procedure

Day One:

July 24th, 2009 is my operating day. I got to hospital at 8am and spent a lot of time waiting, spoke to Anesthetist and waited to be taken to theatre. Finally went in to theatre at 11.45am. Told operation should take about 1 1/2 hours. Woke up in recovery at 2.45pm, with Mum and Dad looking over me. Dr Crameri told Mum and Dad everything went well, except they had a bit of a struggle getting the bar situated because of the angle. My dent was quite deep in the middle, which was why the operation took a bit longer than usual. It took 3 surgeons to finally get it in position. Apparantly I went to Xray, but I dont remember that at all.
I had an uncomfortable night as the morphine that was being put throught my IV made me nauseous and I was vomiting. I had an epidural in, but was unaware of it. No catheter though, of which I was glad. However, it would have been better if I had a catheter, as I later found out. Had to have a catheter inserted at 11.30 pm that night, but the Doctor emptied my bladder then took it back out. They should have left it. I have a small amount of air around my right lung, which may cause some pain. The doctor says it will eventually be absorbed by my body. The nurse puts some heat pads on both my shoulders at the front to help with the pain there.

Day 2.
Pain management team came around and put some anti nauseous medicine into my IV, which helped a bit but still felt pretty crappy. I drank a tiny bit of water and had 3 teaspoons of jelly - not hungry at all, and again I vomited it back up. I dont want to press the morphine button as it makes me feel sick all the time. Temperature went up to 38 degrees once, but it went back down again. Had to have a catheter put in again as I could not get up due to pain and weakness. They decided to leave it in this time, which was wise, until I can get out of bed.

Day 3.
Still very sore and can't get comfortable. Not eating at all and only drinking a little. Still feeling sick all the time. The nurse does an ice test on my skin to test if the epidural is working. It is not working properly on my left hand side. I have considerable pain in my left shoulder blade. The pain management team came and had a look at my epidural - it seems it has slipped out a bit. They do not want to do it again as it will be coming out soon. They decide to give me an extra 5ml of epidural to help relieve my pain a bit. This helps somewhat. They also decide to turn off the morphine and give me some oral medicine called Endone (oxycodone). I feel much better off the morphine and am able to sit with the back of the bed behind me on a 90 degree angle for about 2 hours. I had a warm cup of tea. Eventually pain came back and I had another lie down.

Day 4.

Physio came and got me to sit on edge of bed. I am still in a lot of pain in my back left shoulder. Low blood pressure made me really dizzy so I had to lie back down. They came back in the afternoon to try again and I managed to get into a chair, but only for about 5 minutes, this was very exhausting and I slept for about 2 1/2 hours after that. Endone working well and I am feeling much more positive.

Day 5.

The epidural was turned of at 6 am. I am now on Endone, Panadol, Nurofen, Anti biotics and Laxatives, feel like a chemist shop. As the epidural wears off I feel the pain coming in my right side, which up till now was numb and pain free. On the plus side my left side has already had its share of pain, so I am used to that now. Physio came around and took me for a walk to the nurses desk - not very far!!, but an achievement all the same. Morphine drip gone and epidural gone. Only 2 things left to go.

Day 6.

Catheter came out at 5.30am. My IV came out too. Yay!!
I am a bit sore still but not too bad now. Mum and Dad helped me to get a shower, which felt great but totally exhausted me. The pain team dedice to give me some Tramadol instead of Endone as it does not constipate as much. I went for some walks around the ward then went back to my room. Suddenly I got really dizzy and felt wierd in the head, sick and I have never felt so odd which was quite distressing. The pain team came and said it could be the Tramadol as it can have that effect, but it could also be the walking. This horrible feeling lasted about an hour before it started to subside. I told Mum I am not having any of that drug ever again. I felt it was worse than the whole operation!! Unfortunately I had visitors when that happened and I could not even speak to them. The hospital says I may be able to go home tomorrow. I am very tired this night and my temperature went up to 38.2 degrees. I felt fed up with being in the hospital with all the lights, noise and beeping going off all the time. I had some Endone which relaxed me and I went off to sleep.

Day 7.

Going home today. The doctor has given me a script for anti biotics if I get another temperature, I must take the full course in case of infection. Fell asleep on the 50 minutes drive home, sitting up with pillows in the car. At home I can't sleep in my bed it is too sore, so I am sleeping in the corner of our couch, supported by a V pillow and pillows all around me.

Week 1 (post op)

Still sleeping on the couch with all the pillows. I have only had two quarter of a table doses of Endone on the first two nights since I got home. I am on regular Nurofen and Panadol and this is working OK for me now. I have been for a couple of small walks but I get quite tired. I have also been to the shops once or twice. I am going to my surgeon for a follow up next week.

Well thats where I am, at the moment. I think it will be another 2 weeks before I go back to my schooling. Every day gets easier. Good luck to everyone who is taking this adventure.




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